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5510Re: [Yorke_Kits] Getting caught up...

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  • bill davis
    Feb 1, 2006
      Hi Tom,
      Glad you are getting caught up!! Kit # 2 and 3 of the ACS arrived today. Question: Is #4 going to be part of # 2 and 3 or a whole sperate item? I don't want to build it untill I have all the parts. Also how is the Porter coming along? When do you think you'll be doing the Quitman Store? I'm asking only because need to plan for the money. Don't want to be caught short.
      Regards BILL DAVIS

      Tom Yorke <tomyorke@...> wrote:
      ................................................. I am trying to get caught up. The computer "problem" got rid
      of some e-mails. SO, if you did not get an order or an answer to a question - please let me
      know, but off list please. Send to;

      Most kits have been sent or will be by the end of this week, except those that have fallen
      through the cracks. I need to know about those cracks. Friday it will be back to the Pool Halls.


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