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5146Two tank cars

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  • Tom Yorke
    Dec 1, 2005
      ........................ In an effort to use up some existing parts, I've designed two tank
      cars that will be produced in a run of 10 each. I've combined some existing
      parts, both plaster and resin and have cast a couple of new parts to create a
      gasoline tank and a water car. I should have photos of the two sometime next
      week. The little kits will be ready to ship end of next week as I have the parts,
      just need to do plans for both. No price yet. Please wait before ordering - who
      knows - you may not like them. One has a steel frame and the other a wooden
      frame with truss rods. Tool boxes, walks and saddles are cast in resin. The
      gasoline tank has a covered pump on the deck.

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