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372Update on kits

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  • tomyorkethebigstuff
    Mar 2, 2004
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      Just a quick note here.
      The Turntables are being cast now. I am using a gray colored
      plaster for them. The Tanks will be cast later this week. The
      Exploded Boilers are being packed up as are the O scale Flat
      Car Loads (had to get more 1/64" plywood!).

      The patterns for the new #107's are in the process of getting
      finished. I should have a new pilot model to post around next
      week or so.

      The HO Vicksburg Building front wall is done and Frank should
      be able to post it any day now. I just need the signs to complete it
      - however, the stuff at the top of this list is to be finished first.

      That's it from the dungeon,
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