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2403Dave Reed-Vls Mecca Corp. "Old ruined barn"

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  • Clark Womack
    Feb 1, 2005
      I have just uploaded the photo of the "Old Ruined Barn."
      You'll find it in the photos section in the album "Dave Reed - Vls
      Mecca Corp."
      Clark Womack

      This is the message Dave wants to go with it;

      Okay, Clark, It is the first of a new series from VLS. It is 1/48th
      scale, which works for us O scalers. The next release will be a
      European farmhouse-assumed to go with the barn. No pics of it yet.
      The barn is $24.95 and they can order them direct from VLS-or from
      me. I get an order from VLS everyweek-so I can get them and ship
      them pretty quickly.If enough interest-I'l start stocking them. Tom
      posted my initial emails last night-which outlines some other things
      that are coming out in 1/48th. Any other questions-feel free to
      email me. I use this addy, "dave37167@...", for most of my
      hobby business (incl. Paypal), but I use my Yahoo for the user
      groups...seemed easier. Thanks, Dave