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1756Dr. Gordon's Update

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  • Tom Yorke
    Dec 2, 2004
      I am busy casting both Dr. Gordon's and the Vicksburg Building
      kits. The first group will go out next week with weekly shipments
      thereafter until all are done. The decals have come in and are
      going to make Dr. G's really nice!

      I am starting work on the Assay Office patterns and, at last, the
      drawings for the O scale 107's! Both should make it out by the
      first of the year (fingers crossed!).

      The Assay Office will have full wall decals or murals, if you will,
      on both sides as well as the Assay sign. The price is the same
      as Dr. G's @ $39.95 plus post. Should be up on the web site
      soon as well as a photo or two of Dr. G's pilot model. The Assay
      Office has a slightly smaller foot print than Dr. G's, but the
      foundation is deeper for a hillside.

      All for now. Back to the dungeon to cast.

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