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12492Re: [Yorke_Kits] Re: 105 Build Trestle

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  • bill davis
    May 26, 2014
      Hi Tony,
      well said and I will have to try that color x=combination for a concrete color. All the commercial so called concrete paints aren't even close to correct.

      On Mon, May 26, 2014 at 4:48 AM, 'Tony Reidpath' bigtony110@... [Yorke_Kits] <Yorke_Kits@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

      Thanks John for your complement.

      Pleased to share…no real secrets used.

      I painted all the casings with a thin grey wash…well almost grey, 3 parts Dover Grey and 1 part Thatch (a tan colour) these were acrylics I brought from ACE hardware in Sampler pots, this seals the castings. I left these for several days while I worked on other parts of the 105 build, then I went back and  washed over some worn concrete from Dr Ben’s (don’t shake the container up), when this is nice and dry, I touched up the cracks and added a few streaks of different rusts where the rusting rebar will have leached out, then a few darker streaks using a black I/A mix.


      All I have done is looked at old concrete foundations that have been in the elements for some time, they are all different. I have seen some that are almost Black with mould and other build ups.

      So I guess inconsistency is the key, once in place I will add a little more staining with just a hint of green on some sides to give the effect of mould on the sides not exposed to the sun.


      Less is more than enough in this case, little bits, I try to work to the principle that if you think it needs one more coat then it is time to stop.   


      Tony Reidpath



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