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  • tomyorkethebigstuff
    Oct 30, 2013


      I am casting Haciendas now along with a bunch of other things including a sign project for Disney. Seems nothing happens for months, then all of a sudden, it all hits.


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      Do you have any Pepitos Series Hacienda kits left, or at least the main hydrocal parts such as walls, roofs ?


      I want to reserve one kit of the new Speedy's Car Sales (O scale)





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      See the photos section for the Speedy Car Sales folder. This kit will be out soon in O scale. The cars of course are not included, but the pole sign is ready for you to add a car of your choice and era. The kit is resin and features asphalt brick siding and a beautiful shingled roof with dormer. The structure is intended for the StreetScenes series and is for an old row house. It is set back farther than the other storefronts to allow cars to be displayed out front, so is a flat model. I used the tree foliage to help hide the fact that only half of the structure is modeled. So many houses such as this had storefronts built in front. Decals and printed signs are included. It should be ready in November and is $59.95 plus post.


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