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  • tomyorkethebigstuff
    Sep 26, 2013
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      To make a long story short, I would need to remake all of the molds to do them. That is not a problem, however, if I can find all. The molds were sent to another manufacturer who was to help me cast them. Over the past few years that never happened. I will need to regroup and see if I have all of that patterns. 

      On another note: molds, I have recently discovered that many of my newer molds (past three years or so) are failing. When they go there is no strength whatsoever! They just fall apart. I talked to the rubber supplier and was told that the activist I was using made molds last a year to a year and a half! This was news to me. It was never stated in the written matter. They send me a sample of new activator that is supposed to last for about 5 years. I am now using it and trying to remold where I need to as I need to. Quite an expense. 

      I will keep you informed about the steam shovel patterns in the near future. Let me hunt up the box and see what I have. 

      The Hacienda molds are the self destructing variety. If I still owe you a kit, please send me an Email at tomyorke@.... Do not tie up this list please. I will only answer those Emails sent to me, personally at tomyorke@.... I am going to try and cast however many I still need with the old molds. Hopefully I will be able to do so before they go.


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