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12296Re: NMNG has been busy

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  • lchon30
    Sep 8, 2012
      Hi Craig:
      I met the NMNG group at the 30th NNG Convention in St Louis a couple years ago and admired their work. At the time their modules was mostly Colorado theme based. When FF#1 came out, I didn't even make in my mind the NMNG connection with the Customer names when running books to the Post Office as fast as possible.

      It was a surprise that the New Mexico group was able to incorporate a few of my John Allen based HO scale figures into their work. They built all their own structures using fine craftsman methods. I hope they write-up their work in a reputable main stream model railroad publication because it is outstanding and well worth sharing.

      I am looking forward to working with Tom Yorke again on the GBI project.

      Keith G

      > And a nice HO scale town it is!
      > I see some of your little people are there.
      > Did you personally build some of the structures?
      > Either that, or somebody
      > is doing a good job of copying you copying Tom Yorke.
      > CraigK

      > > These fellows took the Tom Yorke Frijole Flats books & built a town.
      > > http://nmngmc.shutterfly.com/pictures/349
      > > Keith G
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