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  • Tom Yorke
    Jun 1, 2009
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      Iris and I spent a short weekend up in a friend's cabin to rest, regroup and think. The bad part of this is we had to return to "reality" yesterday afternoon. I have been working on everybody else's railroad for over 35 years. I have attempted several false starts on systems of my own only to abort them after some time because of lack of time and of course interests change over time. I now seem to have settled on the Hn18 Grande Barbosa Island Railway. Time is still the issue, however. I recently almost completed a new structure for the town and realized how much fun this was for me. It wasn't completely "non-business" as I was developing some new techniques. During our away time over the weekend I did a lot of thinking. Always a danger! At any rate I have mapped out the course of the commercial work of Thomas A Yorke Design Studio and there are to be some changes made. Retirement is approaching (at last!).

      In St. Louis at the National Narrow Gauge Convention I will debut my final kit. I have thought long and hard on this for some time now and decided that this is the best course for me to take. It will at last give me time to work on my own things without guilt.

      The Frijole Flats and Pepito's series of kits will be finished in the next year and a half. There are at least eight more items to do! The Shovels and ACS #4's are in the works and I was able to make the necessary production molds before we left for the weekend. The HO Rubbles is in the packing stage as is the additional small run of more adobes and the Kitchens. These will all be out very shortly. There is one more HO kit I will produce and there is another designed for another manufacturer for them to produce.

      The last kit will be a big one. It will be in O scale and I will only do 100 kits or however many will be reserved. It will be a very special kit and I will not hold back on it. I am in the design faze right now and have been for quite some time. The evolution of the thing will take much more time on the drawing board and in my dreams but it will finally come together. I can say at this time that it will be a factory and probably of stone construction. The multi-story building will be fairly large (as plaster kits go) and probably will contain perhaps over 100 masters. It will be produced over a year's time and probably will weigh a scale ton. I will ship these kits as I produce them so first on the list will be of course first to get theirs. I cannot guess at a price at this time but it will have to be "up there". I will have some drawings eventually and will start taking "formal" reservations at that time. I'm sure most people will want to know exactly what it looks like and how much it will cost before committing to anything. For those that know what I produce and don't need to see an image before committing, I will take reservations now. Nothing down. I want this kit to be the best that I have ever presented and therefor will pull out all stops. It will be a very special signed and numbered edition. That's about all I can say about it for now except there is about a year and a half to save for it so you are not left out in the cold. The completion of this last kit will coincide with my retirement from the day to day commercial aspect of this hobby/business. I may, after this kit, decide to produce some small kits from time to time because I happen to have a great idea but they will be small and very short runs. I want to spend the rest of my time on the beach of Grande Barbosa.

      Alright, enough typing. It is time to start up packing..........

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