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10336Re: [Yorke_Kits] Re: Mexican taking a Siesta....

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  • E. Craig Kanewske
    Dec 2, 2008
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      Subject: [Yorke_Kits] Re: Mexican taking a Siesta....

      > That's the old Renwall figure from the cowboy set with fence.
      > Tom

      Man, I so missed-out on all of that old Revell/Renwall/Borax era of O scale

      Bill Roy/McKenzie Iron has some Southwestern figures----I don't recall him
      doing a "siesta" one---at least not the iconic one we're talking about.

      As a trivial aside---I wonder how that particular image entered our
      cultural "image bank"? It's long been popular in Texas as "yard art" and
      cheesy racial-stereotype postcards. I wouldn't be surprised if it
      originated in some Disney 'toon.

      Ever try to SLEEP in that posture? Doesn't work for me.

      Craig Kanewske
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