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10126Slow weekend at Black Rock.......

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  • Tom Yorke
    Sep 1, 2008
      ...... While everybody else is watching "the games" I've been hard at work on a special project
      that I cannot tell you about - except that it is really cool. Just finished the molds. Now if only
      the resin would get here......!

      I finished the patterns for the Groceria detail package. I will attempt to shoot it this week if I
      can get it close to finished. It now has an overhang out front built from chop stick "lumber"
      and broom straws. This will not be included but will be covered in the drawings and
      instructions. Really changes the look! It will look great with all of the colored vegetables in
      bins and bowls out front. The little cart looks good too. This will be an extra set so you don't
      need to order it if you are not doing a Groceria. I still need to do the sign package for this

      Back at it............

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