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  • David Sylvester
    Hi List, I m sure you have heard of James Savage s A Genealogical Dictionary of The First Settlers of New England more commonly known simply as Savage , and
    Message 1 of 1 , Aug 13, 2006
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      Hi List,

      I'm sure you have heard of James Savage's "A Genealogical
      Dictionary of The First Settlers of New England" more commonly
      known simply as "Savage", and you've probably used it in your
      search for New England ancestors. I've found many of my early
      Colonial ancestors in that set of books. It's likely you used a
      copy at a library, like I have, or possibly you own a set.
      Unfortunately the set is again out of print, in paper version that is.

      Now there are two ways you can use Savage's Dictionary, both in
      electronic form, one on CD that you can purchase and one that you
      can access online.

      The online version is located at
      http://www.usgennet.org/usa/topic/newengland/savage/ and is oddly
      entitled "Image Map Page". Once you get past that look in the
      middle of the page for Volumes 1 through 4 which the user can click
      on to get to the meat and potatoes of the site. Volume 1 contains
      an introductory page, a preface, and a list of abbreviations. The
      user should become familiar with the abbreviations as they are used
      throughout the volume just as they were in the original print
      version. Please be aware that the data in these Volumes were
      transcribed by humans and formatted in HTML for our ease of use so
      there may be errors. I do not see a link to where one might report
      errors other than the standard e-mail contact link(s).

      As example some of my own ancestral names can be found at this
      site. Joseph Merry can be found about midway down the page at
      Some Dyers can be seen at
      but unfortunately I haven't traced my Dyer line back far enough to
      find an original progenitor here; My John Washburn can be seen
      about 2/3 the way down at
      and my Richard Sylvester (spelled Silvester in those days) can be
      found part way down at

      The site is great! My only request for improvement would be to make
      the links to pages turn color, such as the standard violet, after
      visiting them. This would make it easier to keep track of which
      pages I have already visited. Otherwise the site is great and
      seems to be thorough based on comparison with some photocopied
      pages I have of the print version.

      The CD version of Savage is better described in an article found at
      The article gives a short biography of James Savage and describes
      the methods with which Savage gathered the data. A link in the
      article takes you to the site where one can purchase the CD. The
      data on the CD is in PDF format requiring the download of Acrobat
      Reader a free reader.

      Note that I have no financial interest in the sale of the CD nor am
      I interested the number of clicks received at the site of the
      online version. Best of luck researching your ancestors wherever
      you do your searching.


      David Sylvester

      A Onelist-Yahoogroups Listowner since 1998

      28 North Searsport Road
      Searsport, Maine 04974

      Free Genealogy -- Roots should be shared.
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