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Pierce Family of Limerick, ME

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  • Lisa
    Hello! I am looking for people who also descend from John Pierce and Martha Staples of Limerick. Most of my information on this family came from the book,
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      Hello! I am looking for people who also descend from John Pierce and
      Martha Staples of Limerick. Most of my information on this family
      came from the book, "Early Families of Limerick, Maine" by Robert L.
      Taylor, from Limerick Town Records and the Historical Society there.
      Many of the early family members are buried in a recently discovered
      and cleaned up little cemetery on Enterprise Road. Here is what I
      know (Asterisks beside my direct line):

      *John Pierce, b. bet. 1744 - 1747 in Ireland; Rev. War Soldier of
      Biddeford; married Martha Staples in Jan 1781 at First Church of
      Christ, Biddeford (her parents currently unknown). He died 15 Mar
      1832 Limerick. She died 26 Dec 1836 Limerick. Their 5 children were:

      1. *John Pierce, Jr., b. abt. 1785 Limerick; married Mary Leach in
      1808. She was b. 1 Apr 1785 Cape Elizabeth, ME, dau. of George and
      Catharine (Wheeler) Leach. She d. 27 Dec 1856 Limerick. He d. bet.
      Their children:
      Moses Pierce
      Sarah/Sally Pierce
      Luther Pierce, removed to Danville/Auburn, ME, m. Mary (Wagg?)
      Louisa P. Pierce, married Ichabod Foss
      George Pierce
      Lydia Pierce
      *William Leach Pierce, removed to Melrose, MA; (his dau. Annie
      married Thomas J. Munn, Jr and they were my gr grandparents.)
      Zachariah L. Pierce, removed to Lyndonville, VT

      2. Joseph Pierce, b. abt. 1786 Limerick; married Amy Hannah Hamilton
      (aka Anna) on 27 Nov 1804. She was b. Jan 1782 and d. 3 Dec 1875
      Limerick. He died bef. Nov 1856 Limerick.
      Their children (all died young):
      Salome Pierce
      Sylvanus Pierce
      Martha Pierce

      3. James Pierce, b. 1787 Limerick; married Hannah Leavitt in Jun
      1811. She was b. Mar 1788 NH and d. 21 Dec 1853 Limerick. He d. 28
      Jun 1843 Limerick.
      Their children:
      Jonah Pierce, supposedly removed to California
      Phoebe Pierce
      Albert Pierce, married Jane N. Hunt of Quincy, MA
      Simon Pierce
      Daniel Pierce, married Emeline M. Hall of Norway, ME
      Josiah H. Pierce, married Mary E. Whitham of Alfred, ME
      Mary A. Pierce, married Joseph H. Hill of Lyman, ME
      Horace Pierce, supposedly removed to California

      4. Nicholas Pierce, b. Sept 1789 Limerick; married Susan Hasty on 25
      Aug 1815. She was b. 4 Jul 1796 in Limington, ME and d. 15 Sep 1854
      Limerick. He d. 16 May 1867 Limerick.
      Their children:
      Charles Pierce, d. young
      Walter Hasty Pierce, married Eunice (Butler) Libby
      Charles K. Pierce, married Euditha A. Lord
      Mary Jane Pierce, married John Lee
      Aaron Pierce, married Eunice V. Evans (1) & Sarah W. Sargent(2)
      Susan Hasty Pierce, married Jacob S. Gilpatrick
      Irena A. Pierce, married William Forbes
      Hannah G. Pierce, died young

      5. Susan Pierce, b. 1790 Limerick; married Isaac Marr on 10 Nov
      1817. She d. 25 Feb 1825. (Desc. of this Marr line: I am in touch
      with several people down South who descend and recently had their 2nd
      annual Marr family reunion)
      Their children:
      John Marr, removed to Georgia
      Joseph Marr, removed to Georgia

      I have some more information on later generations of this family based
      on census research, etc...would be happy to share whatever I have and
      would love to come across cousins from this Pierce line!
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