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6Introduction to Yoga Sutras 1.5-1.11 Uncoloring Your Thoughts

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Jun 26, 2005
      Introduction to Yoga Sutras 1.5-1.11
      Uncoloring Your Thoughts:

      THINNNING THE VEIL: The joy of deeper meditation comes through
      uncoloring the mental obstacles that veil the true Self. While Yoga
      was defined in sutras 1.1-1.4, the process of experiencing the goal
      of Yoga, Self-realization, begins in this section.

      FIVE KINDS OF INTERFERING THOUGHTS: There are five types of
      interfering mental impressions (1.4) that block the realization of
      the true Self (1.3): 1) knowing correctly, 2) incorrect knowing, 3)
      imagination, 4) deep sleep, and 5) memory (1.5, 1.6). The Yogi learns
      to witness these five kinds of thoughts with non-attachment (1.15-
      1.16), discriminate between these five, and to cultivate the first
      type of thought, which is knowing correctly (1.7).

      THEY ARE COLORED OR NOT COLORED: These thought patterns may be
      colored (klishta) or not-colored (aklishta) (1.5). That coloring has
      to do with ignorance, I-ness, attachments, aversions, and fears
      (2.3). The simple observation of whether thought patterns are colored
      or not colored is an extremely useful part of the process of
      purifying, balancing, stabilizing, or calming the mind so that deeper
      meditation can come.

      WITNESSING, EXPLORING, AND UNCOLORING: By learning to explore and
      become witness to these five types of thoughts, and by learning to
      allow the coloring to fade (1.16) through the various processes of
      Yoga meditation, the veil over Truth gradually thins (1.2), and we
      come to experience our true Self (1.3).

      MOST IMPORTANT CONCEPT: This uncoloring process is an extremely
      important concept, and is further dealt with in the later chapters
      (2.1-2.9, 2.10-2.11). It is such an important concept that it is
      virtually impossible to practice Yoga without understanding it. (See
      also the articles on Uncoloring your Colored Thoughts and Witnessing
      Your Thoughts)