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42Introduction to Yoga Sutras 1.40-1.51 After Stabilizing the Mind

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Oct 27, 2005
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      Introduction to Yoga Sutras 1.40-1.51
      After Stabilizing the Mind

      MIND BECOMES LIKE A TRANSPARENT CRYSTAL: Once the mind is reasonably
      stabilized and clear (1.33-1.39), the deeper process of Yoga can
      begin. The mind eventually becomes like a transparent crystal (1.41),
      and is a purified tool for the subtler explorations of the gross and
      subtle levels. Such a mind can explore the whole range of objects,
      even the smallest or largest (1.40).

      FOUR LEVELS OF MEDITATION ON AN OBJECT: There are only four levels of
      meditation on an object. These are systematically experienced, all
      the way to the level of unmanifest matter (1.45):

      1) With gross thoughts, savitarka samapattih (1.42)
      2) Without gross thoughts, nirvitarka samapattih (1.43)
      3) With subtle thoughts, savichara samapattih (1.44)
      4) Without subtle thoughts, nirvichara samapattih (1.44)

      FRUITS OF THE MEDITATIONS: From these meditations on gross and subtle
      objects come purity and inner luminosity (1.47), higher wisdom
      (1.48), reducing of the impressions that drive karma (1.50), and the
      experience of objectless samadhi (1.51)

      ACCOMPANYING PRACTICES: Along with these practices are the whole
      range of meditation practices in Chapters 2-4, including minimizing
      gross colorings (2.1-2.9), dealing with subtle thoughts (2.10-2.11),
      the eight rungs of Yoga (2.26-2.29), and the subtler explorations
      through samyama (3.4-3.6).