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39Yoga Sutra 1.37 Meditation on a mind free of desire to gain stability

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Oct 11, 2005
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      Yoga Sutras: Yoga Sutra 1.37:
      Meditation on a mind free of desire to stabilize and clear the mind

      YOGA SUTRA 1.37: Or contemplating on having a mind that is free from
      desires, the mind gets stabilized and tranquil.
      (vita raga vishayam va chittam)

      VITA = without, devoid of
      RAGA = attachment, desires, attraction
      VISHAYAM = objects of the senses
      VA = or (or other practices in 1.34-1.39)
      CHITTAM = of the consciousness of the mind-field

      IMAGINE A MIND FREE FROM DESIRE: One way to do this practice is to
      think of some great sage, yogi, or spiritual person you respect.
      Simply imagine what their mind would be like if they were sitting
      quietly for meditation. Then, pretend that your own mind is as quiet
      as you think his or hers would be. It is a trick of your own mind to
      imagine in this way, but it is an extremely useful practice for
      stabilizing your own mind.

      IMAGINE YOUR OWN MIND FREE FROM DESIRE: Another method is to imagine
      what your own mind would be like if it were temporarily free from any
      desires, wants, wishes, attractions, aversions, or expectations. It
      is like a game you are playing with yourself, wherein you see if you
      can pretend that your mind is in this tranquil state. With a little
      practice, this works amazingly well.