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24Yoga Sutras 1.19: Videhas and Prakritilaya Yogis

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Aug 19, 2005
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      Yoga Sutras: Sutra 1.19:
      Videhas and Prakritilaya Yogis

      See also this article for info about prakriti:
      Prakriti and Its Evolutes: Returning to Self-Realization

      YOGA SUTRA 1.19 Some who have attained higher levels (videhas) or
      know unmanifest nature (prakritilayas), are drawn into birth in this
      world by their remaining latent impressions of ignorance, and more
      naturally come to these states of samadhi.
      (bhava pratyayah videha prakriti layanam)

      BHAVA = objective existence, becoming

      PRATYAYAH = cause, cognitive principle, content of mind, cognition

      VIDEHA = bodiless, disembodied

      PRAKRITI = creative cause, subtlest material cause, nature

      LAYANAM = dissolved, merged into

      The videhas are the disembodied ones who have attained higher levels,
      and the prakritiyas are those who have had their consciousness
      experience, and merge into prakriti, which is the subtlest material
      essence of the universe. While this may be a somewhat advanced state,
      merging into prakriti is a detour, so to speak. Pure consciousness is
      not experienced, but only the unmanifest prakriti. Merging into
      prakriti is not the goal of Yoga.

      Recall that this sutra is following through on sutras 1.17-1.18,
      which outline the four levels of samadhi on an object, and objectless
      samadhi. This sutra is describing one of two general types of
      approach to these samadhis.

      This sutra applies to few people. Most need to follow the second
      path, which is in the sutra just below. In other words, if does not
      come into this world as a videha or prakritilaya yogi, then the five-
      fold path outlined in the next sutra (1.20) is the one to follow.