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Life is like searching for a treasure

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  • Swami J
    Swami J s Newsletter (Address and subscribe/unsubscribe info below) ************************************** April 6, 2001 Dear Friends, Life is like searching
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      Swami J's Newsletter
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      April 6, 2001

      Dear Friends,

      Life is like searching for a treasure. Swami Rama writes in Sacred Journey of searching for that inner treasure:

      "The treasure according to Vedanta [philosophy] is Atman, the Self or Absolute Reality, that exists within all individuals. In the language of the Bible, Atman is the image of God, that which is identical to Brahman, pure consciousness, ultimate Reality, or however else we attempt to express with words that which is indescribable. Atman [the individual Self] and Brahman [the Absolute Reality] are one, just as Jesus said, `I and my Father are one.'

      "`Be perfect as your Father in heaven is perfect,' Jesus told his disciples. Know your identity with God. You are the same but have forgotten it, is the message. So remember. Do that essential work of remembering, of getting the clutter removed so you can remember....

      "As the book of Tao says, the Tao that can be spoken of is not the real Tao. So also the Buddha instructed his disciples not to think or argue about God. Because of this instruction, Buddha and Buddhism are misunderstood as being atheistic.

      "What the Buddha meant was that God, or pure consciousness, is beyond the limited mind, beyond the intellect. So Buddha told his disciples to concentrate on removing the barriers that separated them from the true Self. When that is done, then whatever we call the ultimate Truth reveals itself....

      "When you dream, for the extent of the dream, the world that is created within the dream and the people and events in it are real. When you wake up that reality disappears.... As a dream helps you work through emotions and desires, the worldly dream, maya [illusion], creates opportunities for you to grow and work through habits and desires."

      In your life and meditation today, may a tiny amount of your clutter be removed, and may a little glimpse of the One come through.

      In loving service,

      Swami J
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