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Swami Rama Yoga Meditation Retreat, India, April 5-26, 2008

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    SWAMI RAMA INTENSIVE YOGA MEDITATION RETREAT Rishikesh, India April 5-26, 2008 The trustees and faculty of Sadhana Mandir Ashram (Swami Rama s Ashram) of
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      Rishikesh, India
      April 5-26, 2008

      The trustees and faculty of Sadhana Mandir Ashram (Swami Rama's
      Ashram) of Rishikesh, India are pleased to be offering a three week
      April 5, 2008, and ending on Saturday, April 26, 2008. This Program
      will be of tremendous interest to those familiar with Swami Rama and
      who want to explore the teachings and practices in greater depth.
      Swami Rama is widely known to have presented the deeper teachings of
      Yoga in extremely clear and accessible ways, and with the perspective
      that the goal of Yoga is nothing less than the direct experience of
      one's true Self (Atman, Purusha) in this very lifetime.

      I will personally be in residence at the ashram during the entire
      period of the Intensive Retreat (as well as some of the days in the
      preceding couple weeks), will help with the Presentations, and will
      be there for other conversations as well. This really will be an
      exciting time together. I look forward to seeing some of you whom I
      already know, and meeting some of you who I've met via internet, or
      who have been actively exploring the SwamiJ.com website.

      It is with great joy that I join the trustees of Sadhana Mandir in
      the revitalization and rededication of the ashram to presenting the
      teachings of Swami Rama through this Program (and others to come). I
      truly look forward to both the companionship of the other Presenters
      and those helping behind the scenes, and to listening to their

      Please note that your specific inquiries about both Program and
      accommodations reservations should be directed to the ashram rather
      than me personally (Link is below).

      In loving service,

      Swami J
      (Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati)


      Information updates will be on the ashram website:
      (Info and reservation contact info is here as well.)

      Info updates will also be posted on the SwamiJ.com website calendar:

      SCHEDULE: Following is a general schedule outline, which will be
      refined over coming weeks. While there will be several events each
      day, not all of the listings below will happen each and every day.
      Our Programs are flexible, and we shift to accommodate the needs of
      the participants.

      6:00 Meditation #1
      7:00 Hatha Yoga
      8:00 Breakfast
      9.30 Presentation
      11:30 Meditation #2
      1:00 Lunch
      2.30 Practicum or Discussion
      4:00 Tea
      5:00 Hatha or Practicum
      6:00 Meditation #3
      7:00 Supper
      8:00 Presentation
      9:45 Meditation #4

      MEDITATION: The Program will have four meditation times every day,
      with each session being of the duration with which you personally
      feel comfortable. It is the regularity that is emphasized, rather
      than the duration.

      PRESENTATIONS: Most days (though not necessarily every day) there
      will be two presentations on practical Yoga, Vedanta, and Tantra
      based directly on the written teachings of Swami Rama. The Presenters
      will: 1) choose a chapter from a book by Swami Rama and give a
      presentation with that title, including quotes, 2) elaborate or
      further explain the principles and practices, and 3) share their own
      experience with learning and practicing the teachings.

      DISCUSSIONS: Approximately every other day there will be a
      facilitated group discussion related to practices of mindfulness,
      meditation in action, witnessing, and internal dialogue (important
      aspects of contemplation). These will be based on the actual
      practices in which you will be coached during the retreat.

      HATHA YOGA and PRACTICUMS: Every day there will be Hatha Yoga classes
      or other practicum classes, such as for Pranayama and breath
      training, Agni Sara, or Yoga Nidra. The specific offerings each day
      will be based on how they might blend with the rest of the Program
      and the needs of the Participants.

      WALKING: It is extremely convenient and pleasant to walk along the
      River Ganges, as the ashram is directly beside the river in a less
      densely populated part of Rishikesh (downstream from the busy areas).
      Participants are encouraged to walk at least once, if not twice or
      more per day between classes and meditations.


      The number of spaces available to stay in the ashram is limited, and
      is double occupancy or dormitory. When you inquire about the Program
      or requesting reservations, PLEASE COMMUNICATE TWO SEPARATE THINGS:

      1) ACCOMODATIONS: If you wish sleeping space, please explain if you
      are traveling alone or with others, and all pertinent info, such as
      your exact arrival and departure times. First preference will be
      given to those people staying during the entire three week Program.

      2) PROGRAM: Please register for the Program itself ahead of time,
      even if you plan to stay somewhere else (in the event that the ashram
      is full in relation to sleeping accommodations).

      PLEASE CONTACT the ashram AS SOON AS POSSIBLE to let them know of
      your interest. If you are not absolutely sure, please do let us know
      now of your interest and intent to participate so that scheduling by
      staff can start quickly. Please contact the ashram via email at the
      address listed on the Sadhana Mandir website:

      BIODATA OF SOME ASHRAM PRESENTERS: Following are brief bios of some
      of the Presenters for the Program.

      Dr Achala M. Singhal, MD, DM, FACC, is a Professor & Head of
      Cardiology Department at Himalayan Institute of Medical Sciences.
      Personally trained by Sri Swami Rama in holistic approaches to
      medicine, Dr. Achala has conducted research on the effects of
      meditation and breath control on hypertension and heart disease.
      Holistic approaches with cardiac patients have helped avoid invasive
      procedures in many cases, along with complete healing.

      Dr. Anil Singhal is Professor of Neurology at HIHT. He received his
      M.D. in Medicine at AIIMS and did his residency in Neurology in USA.
      He is Head of the Departments of Holistic Medicine and Neurosciences.
      He worked closely with Swamiji from the very inception of HIHT.

      Dr. M. Ganasan, MBBS, a disciple of Swami Rama since 1990, Dr.
      Ganasan had a flourishing private medical practice in Malaysia.
      Currently Director of the Combined Therapy Program at HIHT, Dr.
      Ganasan focuses on Yoga Therapy based on Patanjali's Yoga Sutras and
      Swami Rama's teachings. This highly individualized program takes the
      participant through physical postures, breathing exercises, cleansing
      practices, mind/ energy/body integration, leading to Self Awareness
      and ultimately to living in the universe itself.

      Dandi Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati, MA, a disciple of Swami Rama,
      provides spiritual counseling and teaches practical aspects of
      Meditation, Yoga, Vedanta, and internal Tantra. Swami J is widely
      known for his passionate dedication to the teachings of Swami Rama,
      which he expounds in a simple, efficient, and easy-to-understand

      Dr. Kusum McKeehan is a Nursing Advisor at the Himalayan Institute
      Hospital Trust. She received her Ph.D in Nursing from Case Western
      Reserve University, USA. She is a certified Hatha Yoga teacher and
      worked with Swamiji in USA before coming to India in 1992.

      Ms. B. Maithili, a disciple of Swami Rama, is serving the Himalayan
      Institute Hospital Trust in the capacity of Director of Rural
      Development Institute, which serves some 1000 villages in the region.

      Dr. Prakash Keshaviah is Director of Nephrology and an Honorary
      Professor of Physiology at HIHT. He received Post-Graduate Degrees in
      Biomedical Engineering and Physiology from the University of
      Minnesota, USA. His training with Swamiji dates back to the late

      Dr. Ravindra Kumar Mamgain, experienced in Ayurveda for over 20
      years, is an Associate Professor of Ayurvedic Medicine, Himalayan
      Institute of Medical Sciences, and consultant physician at the
      Department of Ayurveda,

      Dr. Sunil Saini M.B.B.S., M.S. ( Surgery), Fellow UICC, Senior
      Consultant Surgical Oncology , Professor of Surgery. Dedicated to the
      service of cancer patients, Dr. Saini was inspired and trained by
      Swami Rama to focus on holistic approaches, quality of life issues
      and stress management in cancer control and research.

      Mr. Vijay Dhasmana, member Presidential Body, is respected for his
      dynamic leadership and management abilities. Having recently
      translated several of Swami Rama's books from English into Hindi,
      Vijay is very conversant with Swamiji's teachings.

      Dr. Vijendra Chauhan is a Professor and an eminent Surgeon of
      Orthopaedics in HIHT. He is also a member of the Presidential Body.
      He received his MS in Orthopaedics from Mahatma Gandhi Institute of
      Medical Sciences. Hehas been associated with Swamiji since 1994.

      Dr. Vishnudas K. is an Ayurvedic physician with over 15 years of
      experience in Ayurveda. He currently runs the Ashtavaidhya Parampara
      Ayurvedic center in Rishikesh, and has an Ayurvedic clinic at the
      Himalayan Institute Hospital Rishikesh Extension branch.

      Sadhana Mandir Ashram:

      Swami Jnaneshvara's calendar:
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