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Pray in your own language

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    From: http://www.youtube.com:80/watch?v=QmDxGqyfZZg (Click here to LISTEN to the AUDIO) PRAY IN YOUR OWN LANGUAGE Swami Rama Prayer should be conducted not in
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      Swami Rama

      Prayer should be conducted not in Sanskrit, Arabic, English, Latin,
      or any language. Prayer should be conducted in your own language.
      Which is your language? The language in which a newborn baby speaks
      to her mother. It's not Hindi, Sanskrit, English, or Latin. It's the
      language of love. You see how newborn baby communicates with the
      mother. Speak any language; it has nothing to do with the child. But
      she communicates well with her mother when mother says, "no, no, no,
      no, no," "chu, chu, chu, chu, chu." Which is that language? Language
      of love.

      When our mind, our thoughts and emotions, our whole being is
      integrated; where our mind and emotions get together, when we become
      one pointed, and with that feeling we pray, that prayer never goes in
      vain. Today there is chaos all over the world, not because there is
      no intelligencia, not that there is no emotional human being, not
      that there is no healthy person. What is the problem with our human
      society? Many experiments have been conducted on three levels: mind,
      body, and matter. But we are not able to create an integrated human
      being. We have not understood the importance of an integral way of
      life. How not to allow your mind to be disturbed by your emotions,
      how to use the power of emotion; total integration should be
      understood. They both are great powers, the power of thought, the
      power of emotion.

      You all have heard a simile. Once there was a lame man. He did not
      know, he couldn't walk, he had no crutches, he had nothing, nothing
      at his disposal. And there was another blind man, and they both
      decided to go to a village. So they both started talking and
      discussing. "What is the way? We both have only one destination." One
      was totally blind and another was lame. After discussion, dialogue,
      they found out a way (the blind man carried the lame man on his
      shoulders so that one could walk and the other could see the way).

      It means after counseling within, understanding various aspects of
      your internal states, you can find out all the solutions of life.
      Learn to think, not to brood, not to worry. Have clarity of mind.
      Don't become worrier, but become warrior. Have clarity of mind; all
      problems can be solved, because you have created all the problems for
      yourself. You are responsible for the problems you have created for
      yourself. You have power to have freedom from all the problems.
      Prayer gives you strength. Highest of strength is received from the
      source that is already within through prayers.

      When you pray, whom are you going to pray to, the god, almighty, who
      is everywhere? No; the lord who is within you, seated deep down,
      beyond your body, breath, mind, in the inner chamber of your being,
      in your own language, with mind and emotion put together. With one
      pointed mind when you pray, your prayers are answered. Your prayers
      are always answered.

      Best time of prayer is any time you pray, but you should learn to
      regulate yourself. Morning and evening hours are considered to be
      best for the prayers. But I told you, pray directly to the lord of
      life who is seated within you. Gently close your eyes and with all
      your feelings and thoughts, ask the lord of life to give you wisdom,
      and there you'll find strength.
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