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Foundation of Yoga - Swami Sivananda

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    FOUNDATION OF YOGA Swami Sivananda Develop virtues like generosity, forgiveness and love. Mere Yogic Kriyas alone will not help you much. Do self-analysis
    Message 1 of 1 , Jul 2, 2007
      Swami Sivananda

      Develop virtues like generosity, forgiveness and love. Mere Yogic
      Kriyas alone will not help you much. Do self-analysis daily and
      eradicate your faults and evil, slavish habits. Rectify your defects
      such as selfishness, pride, jealousy and hatred. You must cultivate a
      compassionate and loving heart first. At all times you must share
      what you have with others and practice selfless service. Then only
      will you get purity of heart.

      Yoga is unity, identity, homogeneity, oneness and sameness with God.

      Many aspirants neglect these preliminaries and jump, out of
      curiosity, to Yogic Kriyas for getting psychic powers. It is really a
      serious blunder. They will have a hopeless downfall. Therefore, be
      careful. Mere Yogic Kriyas cannot bring about the desired results.
      The purification of the heart is of paramount importance. The
      aspirant must free himself from lust, anger, greed, jealousy, hatred,
      egoism, vanity, attachment, pride and delusion. This is more
      difficult than control of breath or the practice of Yoga Asanas.

      Virtuous qualities such as mercy, tolerance, adaptability, courage,
      patience, balance state of mind and cosmic love should be assiduously
      cultivated. Sages have always laid great stress on selfless service,
      generous charity, purity and simple living.

      With firm faith, application, perseverance, careful attention to even
      small details, and fortitude in trials, you must set foot and proceed
      on the path of Sadhana.

      Yoga is not hidden in caves, not sequestered in thick Himalayan
      forests. It is not in taking mountain herbs. God is not a coward to
      run away from towns, cities and villages. Practice Yoga in your own
      home. When the desire to practice Yoga comes, it means that
      liberation is near at hand. Now, take the plunge.

      It is a blessing to be a Yogi. Practice Yoga and preach. Hatha Yoga
      ensures good physical and mental health. You must utilize this to the
      best advantage by deep meditation on the Atman or inner Self. Self-
      realization should be your goal. This should be achieved by the
      constant remembrance of God, by righteousness, by a life of virtue
      and by the practice of Yoga.

      Becoming a Yogi does not involve the abandonment of anyone or neglect
      of any duties. It means switching over from a life of purpose-
      lessness to the path of God. It entails a change of your attitude
      towards life and in the methods pursued for liberating yourself. True
      and lasting renunciation is, after all, a matter of the attitude of
      the mind.

      There is only one institution for you which can train you to evolve
      into a full-bloom Yogi, and that is where Providence has placed you-
      your own home. Mind is indeed the cause of bondage and liberation; a
      restless mind will find rest nowhere except in its own annihilation.
      The mind should be attacked on all sides with every possible type of
      weapon-with the repetition of God's Name, study of religious
      scriptures, devotion, practice of silence, service. Pranayama, Japa,
      prayer, Kirtan and meditation. All these should be combined.

      Do not look upon Yoga as something beyond you or as calling for any
      extraordinary efforts. You can remain in your station of life, carry
      on your work and at the same time embark on the Yogic path. Do Japa,
      prayer, Kirtan, meditation and Asanas regularly.

      Any effort in the direction of Yoga never goes in vain. You will
      realize thereby the fruits of even a little Yogic practice.

      Yes, there is a popular notion that Yoga is only for the
      intelligentsia. It is not so. Yoga is for all. Everyone can and
      should practice Yoga from his own station in life.

      I can impart to your noble self training in one of the most ancient
      Hindu medicine - the great miracle panacea for all ills-Yoga. Become
      a Yogi from this moment.

      The aim and end of Yoga is Self-realization. Yogic methods should not
      be applied for mere material gains.

      Yoga does not consist in just reading books and discussion at a club
      table. It consists in practicing what you already know.

      Every activity - from the rearing of children to the management of
      the home - can be readily converted into Yoga. Kindly study the first
      six chapters of the Gita again and again. Merely running away from
      crowds is not a sign of Yoga. The performance of all actions as an
      instrument in His hands, and with the consciousness that this world
      is pervaded by Him, the Supreme Spirit, is called Yoga.
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