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The easier of two ways of finding unity in diversity

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    From: Conscious Living THE EASIER OF TWO WAYS OF FINDING UNITY IN DIVERSITY Swami Rama On the temple of Delphi it is written, Know thyself. How can you know
    Message 1 of 1 , Oct 22, 2006
      From: Conscious Living

      Swami Rama

      On the temple of Delphi it is written, "Know thyself." How can you
      know the self? There are two diverse approaches. Western philosophy
      says go from the gross to the grosser and then to the grossest aspect
      of life. That is the Western approach. The Eastern approach is to go
      from the gross to the subtle and then to the subtlest aspect of life.

      Both are searching for unity in diversity. There is no difference.
      However, it is easier to go within. Because if you go within, there
      is no chance of getting lost. If you go outside, you may get lost.
      You may become a victim of worldly charms and temptations. Therefore,
      the simple way is to learn to sit still and go within. You don't have
      to call it meditation, you can give it any other name.

      Man has made many experiments on mind, matter and energy. These
      experiments have been made because man wants to attain another level
      of consciousness, a higher civilization. He is not attaining it
      because there is so much disparity. Those who have attained look like
      fools in the world and those who have not attained look like they
      have attained.

      If we really want to attain the next step of civilization, a higher
      civilization, then we should learn to look within, find within, and
      be within. This exploration is missing. I do not say that there is
      nothing outside, no, no, no.

      So far, do you think that the knowledge you have received in the
      external world, is called right knowledge? This knowledge, received
      through your sense perception, and by your conceptualization and
      analysis is limited. This knowledge is important only for dealing
      with the external world, the world of objects.

      There is another library within you called the infinite library from
      where you receive knowledge. That knowledge does not need
      verification. You will never need to ask your spouse, friend, boss or
      anybody, "Am I right?" Because you know it and know that you know it.
      And there is no conflict, and you don't need any evidence. That state
      of mind seems to be the very state of contentment, it brings and
      gives you great contentment. Therefore you should learn to meditate.

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