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Turning Within

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    TURNING WITHIN Swami Rama The human mind is bewildered, and it tries to find out where to find the answers to the questions of life. Some people search in the
    Message 1 of 1 , May 28, 2006
      Swami Rama

      The human mind is bewildered, and it tries to find out where to find
      the answers to the questions of life. Some people search in the
      external world, but others seek within. These inner-directed people
      say that that which is in the cosmos is within, and that which is
      within is in the cosmos. So they go within to the source, to that
      point which is the universal cosmos.

      Those who are trying to research from the gross, to the grosser, and
      then to the grossest aspects of reality are called modern, or
      Western, philosophers. Those who try to go within and research in the
      interior world are called Eastern philosophers. The Eastern and
      Western concepts in philosophy have nothing to do with geographical
      boundaries. Eastern philosophers say that if you understand yourself,
      then you will understand the whole cosmos, and you will realize that
      the individual self is the Self of all. That is the greatest hope and
      joy that we receive. One's self is the Self of all: when you realize
      this, you can never hate anyone, because you realize that in hating
      someone you are hating yourself. Those who hate others are indulging
      in self-hatred; those who criticize others are criticizing
      themselves. They are not aware of that immortal, universal Self,
      which is the Self of all.

      When you turn within, you understand that it is the mind that creates
      a barrier between you and the Reality. Many people who study
      meditation think that they should try to stop the mind from thinking,
      but this never happens. Many students think, Oh, what a bad thought
      is coming. My method of meditation must not be good." The thought is
      not bad, but they become very caught up in it, and they allow those
      thought patterns to influence their body language. This does not
      allow them to be steady. The mind goes through fluctuations at a very
      high speed, and when you try to study the mind, you don't know how to
      handle it because no one has helped you train the mind.

      What can help you train the mind? Nothing external can help. The
      yogis pray, "O Lord, let this external world not trouble me, so that
      I can go within." You should adjust your life so that the external
      world of objects and relationships does not disturb you when you are
      going within. The world can do only one great thing for students of
      meditation, and that is to not disturb them.

      When you remove the obstacles that you have been creating, then you
      are enlightened. Enlightenment is not something that you gain;
      enlightenment is a state of mind that is free from pain and misery.
      Human beings can be analyzed by understanding all levels of life
      systematically. A human life can be compared to a lamp that is
      covered by progressively denser shades or sheaths. As you remove the
      dense outer coverings, you find more and more light, and finally a
      place full of light, with no darkness whatsoever. You are already
      enlightened, but you do not realize it because you are constantly
      identifying yourself with the outer sheaths and with the objects of
      the world.

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