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Swami Rama Foundation USA Newsletter

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Dear Friends, Below is a copy of the Swami Rama Foundation of the USA Quarterly Newsletter for April, 2004. The Foundation supports the work of the Himalayan
    Message 1 of 1 , Mar 29, 2004
      Dear Friends,

      Below is a copy of the Swami Rama Foundation of the USA Quarterly
      Newsletter for April, 2004. The Foundation supports the work of the
      Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust founded by Swami Rama in Jolly
      Grant, India, near Rishikesh, at the foothills of the Himalayas. The
      hospital has grown from an empty field in the late 1980's to a 750 bed
      hospital and a medical college with some 500 students, along with many
      other services serving to people of this region.

      Swami J


      Swami Rama Foundation of the USA, Inc.

      Quarterly Newsletter, April, 2004

      "I have come to share my joy truthfully with you. I say, ye human
      beings, among all the species on the earth, you are the greatest. You
      are the greatest for you can change your destiny, you can build your
      destiny, you can enlighten yourself." Swami Rama

      With the help of our generous donors, this year Swami Rama Foundation
      was pleased to donate $60,000 to the cancer department of the
      Himalayan Institute Hospital Trust of Dehradun, India. We have also
      granted a scholarship in web design to a deserving Indian candidate.

      The Foundation is also sponsoring the Conscious Living North American
      lecture tour of May, 2004. Speakers from HIHT will be presenting in
      seven cities on various aspects of Conscious Living:

      "Swami Rama taught that the purpose of life is to be free of pains,
      miseries and bondage. Much of our suffering is self-created. Research
      has shown that stress is a major cause of many illnesses including
      heart disease, digestive disorders, respiratory diseases and
      depression. This seminar will explore the interrelationships between
      the biological, physiological, psychological and philosophical
      dimensions of our being. The practicums will demonstrate the
      harmonious integration of body, breath, mind and consciousness."

      Coming to a city near you:
      Saturday, May 8: Brentwood, CA
      Wednesday, May 12: Minneapolis, MN
      Thursday, May 13: Minneapolis, MN
      Saturday, May 15: Bensenville, IL
      Tuesday, May 18: Milwaukee, WI
      Thursday, May 20: Indianapolis, IN
      Sunday, May 23: Forest Hills, NY
      Saturday, May 29: Toronto, Ontario

      (for full seminar details log onto

      Coming soon is our new release, an audiobook by Swami Rama, Conscious
      Living: An Audiobook for Spiritual Transformation. This 5-CD set is a
      collection of lectures that Swami Rama gave in Singapore in 1991 and
      1992. Recorded live, they capture the essence and inspiration of
      Swamiji's public speaking style. His book, Conscious Living: A
      Guidebook for Spiritual Transformation is derived from nine of the
      lectures he presented in Singapore. Five of those lectures are
      included in this new audiobook. (For a full listing of our
      publications and how to order them log onto

      In this issue we have another article written by Hema, a child
      psychologist and volunteer from Holland at the Himalayan Institute
      Hospital Trust, about the Playroom in the Pediatric Ward of HIHT:

      "For a Western child, being admitted into a hospital is a highly
      traumatic experience, but for a child living in the Himalayas in India
      it is even more distressing. To reach the hospital the parents have to
      make a long and tough journey with their very sick child--first by
      foot, then by jeep, bus, and auto riksha. When the child has to be
      admitted for intensive treatment he/she is usually in very bad
      condition, physically as well as mentally."
      (For the full article log onto

      If you have any questions or comments about the projects of Swami Rama
      Foundation or the content of this newsletter, please feel free to
      contact us at

      Swami Rama Foundation of the USA, Inc.
      2410 N. Farwell Avenue
      Milwaukee, WI 53211
      Tel: 414-273-1621
      e-mail: info@...

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