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Listening for the Silence in the choir

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  • Swami J
    *********************** Swami J s Newsletter *********************** August 6, 2001 Dear Friends, There is a 14th century text, Pancadasi in which Sri
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      Swami J's Newsletter

      August 6, 2001

      Dear Friends,

      There is a 14th century text, Pancadasi in which Sri Vidyaranya Swami
      describes listening for your child singing in a choir as being like
      finding Bliss within.

      Imagine that your child is singing in a choir and that you are in the
      audience. You want to hear your child sing, but it is difficult to
      isolate that one voice. If the auditorium were empty, aside from you
      and your child, then there would be no problem; it would be easy to
      hear the one voice you came to hear.

      The spiritual journey can be like that too. Sometimes we think that
      we can learn something, get something, be given something, or
      otherwise attain something in our spiritual quest. But it's like
      wanting to hear your child in the choir. It is not that we need to
      add something new to what is already there, but rather that the other
      voices are obstacles, covering over that for which we are listening.
      All of our longing to learn, to receive or attain is to no avail. We
      cannot attain that which is already there, but not seen or heard.

      The solution is different than it sometimes seems. Rather than trying
      to add something new, we can listen more closely. It is as if by
      being very still, we can hear the voice of our child in the choir,
      right in the midst of the beauty of the whole of the choir.


      Sit quietly with your eyes closed. Direct your attention to the space
      between the breasts, the heart center. Breathe smoothly. For a few
      minutes, maybe only 2 or 3 (or even 1 minute), while you direct your
      attention to that space, just listen. Literally listen, as if by
      listening very intently and minutely you will hear, and feel the
      deepest sound, the source of all sounds arise from within. Other
      sounds, pictures, images, impressions, thoughts, emotions, or
      sensations may arise. Let all of those other "voices" be
      there; don't push them away. Stay focused on listening for the
      deepest sound, the sound of Silence.

      In your meditation today, may you hear that song which is being sung
      by your own True Self, amidst the many other voices, and in the sure
      knowledge that they are all being sung by the same One. May you know
      that Bliss.

      In loving service,

      Swami J
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