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Swami Rama Foundation and Newsletter

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Dear Friends, Swami Rama Foundation has been formed with the following statement from their website: “The Swami Rama Foundation is a nonprofit, tax-exempt
    Message 1 of 1 , Jan 4, 2004
      Dear Friends,

      Swami Rama Foundation has been formed with
      the following statement from their website:

      “The Swami Rama Foundation is a nonprofit,
      tax-exempt organization established to
      support projects that foster the vision
      of the Himalayan Sage Swami Rama.
      Activities of the foundation include
      dissemination of the ageless truths and
      wisdom of the Himalayan sages through
      publications and other media as well as
      supporting humanitarian and educational
      projects that nurture the body, mind and
      spirit of all human beings, enabling them
      to lead joyful and meaningful lives.”

      Although it is not clear who has founded
      Swami Rama Foundation, it appears to be
      linked to the Himalayan Institute Hospital
      Trust of India. Here is a direct link to
      the Swami Rama Foundation website:

      Also, they have just started a newsletter,
      which is pasted below. The articles are
      linked to pages of their website, so you
      will need to click on them to read them.
      There are also subscription instructions
      below, which is simply to send a blank
      email to this address:
      subscribe @ swamiramafoundation.us
      Or go to:

      Here is a direct link to their newsletter page:

      Here is a link to their page on providing
      support for their work:

      In loving service,

      Swami J


      Swami Rama Foundation of the USA, Inc.


      "Learn to love others and demonstrate your
      love through selfless action."
      Swami Rama

      Welcome to the first issue of the Swami Rama
      Foundation of the USA quarterly newsletter.

      In this issue we have an article written by
      Hema, a child psychologist and volunteer from
      Holland at the Himalayan Institute Hospital
      Trust, about some of her experiences teaching
      the children of the laborers at HIHT:

      "These children came to Jolly Grant in the
      late 90’s, when the Hospital and the Medical
      College were built. They came with their
      parents from Bihar, one of the poorest states
      of India. Their fathers and mothers were
      working as unskilled laborers and had to
      carry cement and bricks in baskets on their
      heads all day long. They were living in
      little huts in a laborers camp in a faraway
      corner of the campus."

      We also have an article submitted by
      Ms. B. Maithili, Director of the Rural
      Development Institute, and Katie Richey, a
      volunteer from America that participated in
      RDI's programs. This article is about an NGO
      (non-government organization) they visited
      in Calcutta that works for women's empowerment
      at the grassroots level:

      "Nishtha was founded “by rural women and is
      meant for rural women”. Their programmes
      circle around two main goals: to let women
      know of their potentials, and to provide
      space and support to those who have been
      victimized. Not only do they go out into
      the community to educate, but they also
      open their own doors to women and children
      who have been abused and abandoned."

      Last year Swami Rama Foundation was able
      to release a few new books by Swami Rama
      in English and Spanish, and two new audio
      CDs by Swami Rama. We hope to be able to
      release more this year as well.

      If you have any questions or comments about
      the projects of Swami Rama Foundation or
      the content of this newsletter, please feel
      free to contact us at
      Info @ swamiramafoundation.us

      To subscribe to this newsletter send a blank
      e-mail to
      subscribe @ swamiramafoundation.us

      To unsubscribe to this newsletter send a blank
      e-mail to
      Unsubscribe @ swamiramafoundation.us


      January, 2004

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