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91That which changes is name and form

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  • swamijb
    Feb 5, 2002
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      Swami J's Newsletter

      February 5, 2002

      Dear Friends,

      There is nothing that loses its existence. Existence is never lost,
      changed, or subject to destruction.

      That which changes is the form.

      After one becomes aware of the center of consciousness, Atman, he
      understands that at the core of his being, he is unchangeable and

      Ordinarily human beings have only knowledge and awareness of the
      mortal part of life. They think and talk within the apparent reality
      where death and birth are experienced.

      But when a student becomes conscious of the non-temporal,
      unchangeable, and timeless reality, he is no longer fearful of death
      and birth, which are only experienced in the world of names and

      The names and forms constantly change; birth and death are two names
      for the changes of form that one experiences in this world. But Atman
      never changes. It remains one and the same in birth, death, and in
      all stages of one's growth.

      A wise man or woman is not at all perplexed by the death of the body,
      for he or she knows that Atman never dies.*

      In loving service,

      Swami J

      *Swami Rama, Perennial Psychology of the Bhagavad Gita

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