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895Review of our course What is Yoga as Meditation?

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara
    Aug 23, 2013
      A special thank you to Allan Allan Rene Dystrup Nielsen for his review of our new course What is Yoga as Meditation.

      Yoga Meditation, 5 Stars!

      This course is a clear, consistent and comprehensive introduction to the theory and practice of the original path of Yoga.

      Taking as its point of departure a short, yet complete definition of Yoga, the course covers in a progressive and systematic way all the main levels and aspects of Yoga philosophy and meditation.

      The course alternates in a stimulating and engaging way between commentaries on authentic sources (Sutras, Upanishads) illuminated by graphic representations and animations, audio guided exercises and video lectures including Q/A, thus stringing together, clearifying and putting into perspective the key concepts, practices and experiences of Yoga meditation.

      The presentation is authoritative and exhaustive, yet fluent and easy to grasp, throughout keeping the overall focus of Yoga as a path of self realisation through awareness, concentration and equinimity leading to insight, integration and the final experience of the center of consciousness.

      What is the universe ? What is life/death ? What are you ? What is consciousness ?

      I warmly recommend this course to anyone with a desire to explore and experience this for him/herself.

      (Hint: You will NOT find out by stretching your muscles in a Yoga asana / gymnastics class...)

      Allan Dystrup, Denmark.