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879Perfect control of mind and its modifications is called yoga

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  • Yoga-Meditation-owner@yahoogroups.com
    Jul 10, 2013
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      According to Patanjali, the codifier of yoga science, the practical methods that are applied to attain perfect control of the mind and its modifications are called yoga. The yogi who has control of the mind and its modifications maintains balance of mind and inner composure in all situations and under all conditions. Those who do not have control of their minds are lost, for they remain enslaved by the external environment and their reactions to it.

      When one learns to enjoy the beauty and grandeur of non-attachment, he acquires the ability to love his duties and comes to experience the offering of the fruits of his actions as the highest of all joys. Non-attachment becomes a great delight and the love of his life. Love and non-attachment are synonymous. One may erroneously believe that non-attachment leads to inaction and indifference. On the contrary, when one learns to do his duty with non-attachment, he is performing his dharma with love. Such a yogi need not seek salvation elsewhere, for he is already a mukta, a free man. He lives in the world yet is free from it.

      The yogi should understand two symbols: the lotus which grows in water though its petals remain untouched by the water; and the sun, which shines eternally [as metaphor] and equally for all yet remains above and far away, unaffected by the changes occurring in the world. These are symbols of the yoga of equanimity, which leads one to perfection.

      ~Swami Rama