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807(A)Para Vidya within Sri - YouTube video, Time: 4:48

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara
    Feb 15, 2011
      (A)Para Vidya within Sri - YouTube video, Time: 4:48
      By Tripurashakti Brahmacharini

      Para Vidya is the Supreme Knowlegde
      Apara Vidya is mere knowledge


      There is only little to know.
      All there is to know...is knowing itself.
      All there is to know...is the One who knows, The One who is hiding beyond all we know as mere knowledge.
      All there is to know...is the Unity that flows within all mere knowledge disguised as diversity.
      All there is to know...is the knowledge of Sri, the Vidya of Sri.

      Without a beginning, without traveling Her beauty began to flow within three cities.
      Without leaving Home She looks over Her appearing journey, reflected as the three cities.
      Within Her Unity She started to dance not needing a reason or a desire, because She is all there is.
      Within that moment beyond time and without a cause, the effect known as Her manifestation seemed suddenly born.
      Within that moment without breaking up in duality, diversity appears within many layers.
      Her Unity all of a sudden knows many concepts, forms and flows.
      Within Her All Knowing perspective without loosing Her awareness, Avidya seems to be able to veil Her beauty.
      Then knowing Her true nature seems rapidly forgotten, we are left behind with mere longing, and mere knowledge.

      Mere knowledge is built within the appearing laws of the three cities,
      for knowing Her you need to know the whole journey that started from Her Home.
      Mere knowledge relies on time, space, and causation,
      for knowing Sri you also need to merge into the point from where these three illusions arose.
      Mere knowledge is made of sense perception,
      for knowing Sri you also need to expand to the One who is able to witness not necessary using a mind.
      Mere knowledge is contained within the colored samskaras,
      For knowing Sri you need to let go of all that is labeled as 'mine' and individuation itself.
      Mere knowledge is exchanged within the realms of waking, dreaming and deep sleep
      for knowing Sri requires awareness over the dance between the three and what is beyond.
      Mere knowledge is collected in the outside and stored within,
      for knowing Sri you need to experience the flow from most subtlest to the grossest, and search for True knowledge within.
      Mere knowledge contains objects, forms, and concepts and is saved as a possession,
      for knowing Sri you need to surrender your gathered collection to be absorbed by the formless itself.
      Mere knowledge is gained,
      True knowledge reemerges from the forgotten, never lost, ever present,
      For knowing Her you need to go beyond mere knowledge.

      The one longing for True knowledge will one day be introduced to the Vidya of Sri.
      The one who does the practices will be lead to the Vidya of Sri.
      The one who contemplates on Her nature, will be shown Her flow and dance within the three cities and from where She sees them all.
      The one who expands with self-awareness will see their role within Her existence.
      The one who meditates on Tripura will be absorbed by Her beauty to know Her Vidya, the highest Vidya of all.
      The one who unravels Her secret knows that all Her cities and from where She witnesses them all, are one and the same.
      The one who surrenders themselves into Her wonder, will be left in awe, will merge into her Vidya,
      There will be nothing else left then Sri...ooh Srividya, this is the little there is to know.