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77Letting go of effort

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  • swamijb
    Jan 8, 2002
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      Swami J's Newsletter

      January 9, 2002

      Dear Friends,

      For many lives I had been working -- working upon myself, struggling,
      doing whatsoever can be done -- and nothing was happening.

      Now I understand why nothing was happening.

      The very effort was the barrier, the very ladder was preventing, the
      very urge to seek was the obstacle. Not that one can reach without
      seeking. Seeking is needed, but then comes a point when seeking has
      to be dropped. The boat is needed to cross the river but then comes a
      moment when you have to get out of the boat and forget all about it
      and leave it behind. Effort is needed, without effort nothing is
      possible. And also only with effort, nothing is possible.

      A moment comes when you see the whole futility of effort. You have
      done all that you can do and nothing is happening. You have done all
      that is humanly possible. Then what else can you do? In sheer
      helplessness one drops all search.

      And the day the search stopped, the day I was not seeking for
      something, the day I was not expecting something to happen, it
      started happening. A new energy arose -- out of nowhere. It was not
      coming from any source. It was coming from nowhere and everywhere. It
      was in the trees and in the rocks and the sky and the sun and the
      air -- it was everywhere. And I was seeking so hard, and I was
      thinking it is very far away. And it was so near and so close.*

      In loving service,

      Swami J

      * Osho, Discourses

      Online Course: http://SwamiJ.com/CourseAJL.htm
      Guided Meditation, January 17 // Retreat, January 19: