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701Does the desire for the highest union also involve the mind?

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Apr 20 8:15 PM

      Does the desire for the highest union also involve the mind?


      We are passionate, living beings, and that is a most beautiful, positive thing if we allow it to be. Is the desire for that highest union, by whatever name you call it, including the union of Shakti with Shiva, something involving mind? Yes, absolutely.

      However, most of our desires of passion have their roots in the primitive fountains or urges of food, sleep, sex, and self-preservation. Those arise only after avidya or ignorance, forgetting our true nature. Out of those primitive urges arise the particularized samskaras or deep impressions that are colored with attraction or aversion, based on our past experiences of pain and pleasure. Those come to life as active, felt desires.

      However, this desire for union comes from a far deeper place. It is the faint remembrance, so to speak, of the Home we have left behind when we projected outward from our true essence of pure consciousness, level after level, layer after layer, until we appear to have "become" this individualized human being who seeks and longs for this and that, mostly settling for substitutes for that which we really want. When that one finest, truest, deepest desire awakens it uses the same instruments of ahamkara (ego), manas (sensory-motor mind) and indriyas (senses and actions) as do all of the other desires. This desire is to be fully honored, cultivated, honed, refined, and lived, with its fire given ever more fuel to burn with a greater and greater glow of light. It is the fire that burns away the obstacles and the light that shows the way to its source. It is always there, like that (metaphorically) ever present gravity that quietly, surely pulls.

      Is this one desire like the other countless desires? In some ways, yes. But in that one nameless other way, it stands alone. Please, my friends, let that desire pull you Home.


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