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670Superconscious Signposts

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Dec 18, 2008
      From Merging with Shiva
      by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami


      When your awareness is in superconsciousness, you see yourself as pure
      life force flowing through people, through trees, through everything.
      I have seen myself, in a certain state of samadhi, as pure life force
      flowing through a jungle, through trees, through plants, through
      water, through air. That is superconsciousness. It is so permanent. It
      is so real. Nothing could touch it. Nothing could hurt it. In this
      state we see the external world as a dream, and things begin to look
      transparent to us. People begin to look transparent. This is
      superconsciousness. When we look at a physical object and we begin to
      see it scintillating in light as it begins to become transparent, this
      is superconsciousness. It is a very beautiful and natural state to be in.

      Occasionally, in deep meditation we see the head filled with an
      intense light, and we know that that is the natural state of man. This
      is superconsciousness: when we can look at another person and know
      what he is thinking and how he is feeling and how his subconscious is
      programmed. While we are looking at him, all of a sudden he can be
      seen in a past life, or in the future, or in the eternity of the
      moment. You are so naturally, without striving, in the superconscious
      area of the mind. No technique can give you these experiences that you
      unfold into as you walk the path toward merger. You come right into
      them, and the experience is how you are. Occasionally, when you close
      your eyes in meditation, you may see the face of your guru or some
      divine being that possibly once lived on Earth, and now just the shell
      of his subtle body remains vibrating in the ethers. You see
      superconscious beings while in the superconscious area of the mind.
      Occasionally you clairaudiently hear voices singing, music playing,
      just as Beethoven heard his wonderful symphonies that he recorded like
      a scribe. It is the superconscious mind again, so near, so real, so

      And when you are in contemplation, so engrossed in the energies within
      you -- within the physical body and the energy within that, and that
      within that -- that you become totally engrossed in the peace of the
      central source of all energy, that too is superconsciousness. Being on
      the brink of Self Realization, having lost consciousness of the
      physical body and of being a mind, you are only conscious of a vast,
      bluish white light. You get into this through going into the clear
      white light and out through the other side of it. Then you come into
      pure consciousness. It is a vast, pure, pale bluish white light --
      endless, endless inner space. It is just on the brink of the Absolute,
      just on the brink of the fullness of Self Realization. When you are in
      this beautiful, blissful state of pure consciousness, you are barely
      conscious that you are there, because to have a consciousness of being
      conscious, you have to be conscious of another thing.

      These are some of the wonderful signposts on the path, all within your
      immediate grasp in this life, just as the ability to play the vina or
      the flute beautifully in this life is within your immediate grasp. It
      takes practice, following the rules and then more practice.