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627Ten Zen ox pictures and the path of enlightenment

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Jul 9, 2008
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      Regardless of what specific path one follows, the story in the Ten Zen
      Ox Pictures is a most beautiful representation of the entire journey
      to the rediscovery of the True Self. It is said to have been created
      about 800 CE. The Ox represents the Self being sought, and the person
      is the Seeker.


      1: The Self is faintly intuited, like sensing the presence of the Ox,
      and the journey begins.

      2: Like finding a few hoof marks of the Ox, traces of the teachings of
      the path are found.

      3: The Ox is glimpsed, as one comes to see that the Self is beyond the
      personality self.

      4: The Ox has been caught hold of, and the pursuit of the Self is now
      firmly practiced.

      5: The Ox is tamed, as the mind is tamed, while staying focused on
      finding the Self.

      6: The Ox is ridden, as the mind is mastered, becoming a friend on the
      inner journey to Self.

      7: The Ox is left aside, as the Seeker rests in the stillness of the
      inner chamber.

      8: Both Ox and Seeker are forgotten, allowing the individual self to
      rest in the True Self.

      9: Ox and Seeker merge into emptiness, wholeness, beingness; the
      absolute Truth.

      10: The Realized returns to the marketplace of life, living in the
      world, yet in the Self.