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61How do you see?

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  • swamijb
    Dec 20, 2001
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      Swami J's Newsletter

      December 20, 2001

      Dear Friends,

      There is a parable in the Upanishads, in which someone asks, "How do
      you see? Is it because of the sunlight? When there is no sunlight, is
      it because of the moonlight? When there is no moonlight, then is it
      fire that allows you to see? When there is no fire, then what helps
      you see?"

      Even in the deepest darkness, you can see yourself. You don't see
      yourself through your eyes, yet you know you exist. I am talking
      about that which you don't see with your eyes, yet you know it is
      right. You don't need any proof that you exist; you don't ask
      people, "Am I standing here?" You know it; your are here. You don't
      need any evidence of that.

      A time will come when you will know your true Self. You don't need a
      swami, a book or your neighbor to tell you, "Yes, you are
      enlightened." To become enlightened is the human endeavor; don't stop
      pursuing that goal. *

      In loving service,

      Swami J

      * Swami Rama, The Art of Joyful Living

      Guided meditation, January 3:
      24-Hour Meditation Retreat, January 19: