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602Stumbling and Getting Up

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Feb 2, 2008
      From Samadhi: The Highest State of Wisdom
      Volume One of Yoga the Sacred Science
      (Lectures on the Yoga Sutras)
      By Swami Rama
      ISBN 8188157015

      Swami Rama

      When you start practicing you will stumble many times. I have
      stumbled many times, even despite having a great force behind me¬ómy
      master, several other sages, and the grace of God. I had a fire
      within so that no matter how many times I stumbled I would get up
      again. I did not give up. You give up too soon. You close your eyes
      and if you do not see anything in meditation, you say, "My method is
      not good. My mantra is not good." You go on collecting mantras. You
      do not do meditation but you have a long collection of mantras. You
      have wasted so much money, and you have not done any real meditation.
      In abhyasa [practice] and meditation, on this path of enlightenment,
      you have to be very patient and strong and persistent. When a child
      stumbles, she gets up again because she wants to walk. It is her
      right to walk. It is your right to walk on the path and finally reach
      the goal. Do not postpone it for the next lifetime. Do it here and
      now, in this lifetime. You do not attain anything overnight; you will
      stumble many times like a child stumbles when she starts learning to
      walk. When you practice you will experience, and when you experience
      you will find that conscience is strengthened and guides you again
      and again.