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569Determination, mistakes, death and power

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Sep 7, 2007
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      Swami Rama
      From Conscious Living (ISBN 8188157031)

      Sankalpa shakti, determination, is the pillar of success. Don't
      condemn yourself if you fail. When a child starts walking, it falls
      many times. That does not mean that the child will not get up and
      walk. We have all fallen many times in our childhood but we are
      walking today. We are bound to fall when we start learning to walk.
      Determination is like that. If you fail in the beginning, it doesn't
      matter. Make efforts. Don't stop making efforts, that's very
      important. To know the truth, there should be truth in mind, action,
      and speech. And if you are committing mistakes in the quest of truth,
      you will be on the path, don't worry. Truth will support you, help
      you, if you are practicing truth. Don't worry about your mistakes.

      These human prejudices hamper the progress of humanity. Only
      individuals, those who are aware, can do something in life and they
      can help others and we all have such potentials. Take some time, a
      few minutes in the morning and evening, and think about it. How can
      you improve yourself? How can you improve your personality? You
      cannot change it but you can improve it. Death has no power to change
      you, but you have the power to transform yourself. You have
      tremendous power.