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538The Mind Is Complete

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Jun 2, 2007
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      From Merging with Shiva
      by Satguru Sivaya Subramuniyaswami


      Should we acquire the ability to identify as the experiencer instead
      of the experience, the true and valid nature of awareness and its
      patterns of movement in the mind become evident. We see the mind as a
      total manifestation, containing all of the past and future evolutions
      in the eternal now. The mind is vast in its combinations of time,
      space and form. It contains every vibration, from subtle to gross.
      Awareness is free to travel in the mind according to our knowledge,
      our discipline and our ability to detach from the objects of
      awareness and see ourselves as the experience of awareness itself.
      This explains many of the so-called mysteries of life.

      There are people with the ability to look back into the past and
      ahead to the future accurately and in detail. That feat is understood
      clearly in the light of awareness traveling through the mind. The
      entire mind exists right now -- past and future included. These
      psychically talented individuals have trained their awareness to flow
      into areas of the mind that are unavailable to the average person.
      They go into the mind itself to view these phenomena. Similarly, ESP,
      mind-reading and other mystical wonders are illumined by the
      knowledge that there is only one mind, and all phases of it are open
      to the spiritually awakened person.

      What we term states of mind are, therefore, areas of distinct
      vibration. On the Earth we have continents, nations, regions, states
      and cities. Each is distinct and unique. Denmark is different from
      Spain. Australia is different from China. Paris is not at all like
      Honolulu. So it is in the mind. We have five states of mind --
      conscious, subconscious, sub of the subconscious, subsuperconscious
      and superconscious -- and within each are hundreds and thousands of
      cities. In the subconscious area, the traveler can encounter fear,
      hatred, love and good memories. In the conscious-mind area he can
      experience business, human relationships and intellectual, social
      vibrations. In the superconscious area, there are even more regions,
      and he comes into visions, light, sound, overwhelming joy and peace.