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470The foremost aspect of training the mind for spiritual practices

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Aug 11, 2006
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      Swami Rama

      The mind is the master of the body, breath, and senses, though it is,
      itself, charged by the power of the Center of Consciousness (the
      individual soul). All our thinking processes, emotional power,
      capacity for analysis, and the functioning of the different
      modifications of mind are due to the power of the soul.

      One simply has to become aware of this fact, that the mind is in
      direct control of the senses, breath, and body. It is the mind that
      influences the senses and causes them to function in the external
      world. It is the mind that desires to perceive the world through the
      senses and to conceptualize and categorize those sensory perceptions.
      The mind stores such impressions in the unconscious, the storehouse
      of merits and demerits, and then it recalls them whenever it needs

      All sadhanas (spiritual practices), techniques, and disciplines are
      actually means to train the mind. And the foremost part of the
      training is to make the mind aware that Reality lies beyond itself,
      and that is the immortality of the soul. The mind is a separate,
      individual entity, but it does not have a separate existence; it
      exists only because of the existence of the soul.


      Q: What is being suggested as the foremost aspect of training the
      mind for spiritual practices?

      A: To make the mind aware that Reality lies beyond itself.