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373Reducing fear with sandhya and meditation

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Aug 11, 2005
      When both nostrils flow freely, that is called sandhya, the wedding
      of the sun and the moon, or between pingala and ida. This is a
      delightful moment, in which neither worry, fear nor other negative
      thoughts can distract the mind.

      When there is fear in meditation, the problem often occurs in those
      who have avoided knowing and becoming aware of their subtle thoughts,
      desires, suppressions, and repressions, as well as those who want to
      escape from self awareness, not wanting to analyze or understand
      their thinking processes. Actually, a student is always safe during
      his or her meditation periods, because the closer that one is to the
      Reality and awareness, the safer one becomes. Sincere effort and
      practicing one's meditation consistently, at a regular time will,
      with firm determination, help the student to eventually overcome such
      hurdles and obstacles that arise in one's own mind.

      To fear and try to escape from examining one's own thought
      processes is a serious mistake for a student to make. You should
      examine all your fears, and then you will find that fears are
      imaginary and irrational.

      Meditation is the highest of all therapies, provided it is
      systematically practiced. Gradually, one learns to deal with
      one's own problems, fears, and habit patterns. Every human being
      has the capacity to advance and is fully equipped to deal even with
      gigantic problems, provided one follows his or her path with firm
      determination and sincerity.

      Swami Rama
      Meditation and Its Practice