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37Perfecting your sitting posture for meditation

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  • Swami J
    Nov 9, 2001
      Swami J's Newsletter

      November 9, 2001

      Dear Friends,

      Patanjali, codifier of yoga science in the yoga sutras, says that
      there are two things to do that will bring perfection of one's
      sitting posture for meditation. These are:

      1) relaxation of effort, and
      2) meditation on the infinite

      There is a simple experiment you can do with these suggestions:

      1) Sit quietly, as straight as is comfortable, and close your eyes,
      allowing your hands to rest on your legs.

      2) For about ten seconds or so, allow your physical body to let go,
      as if it is as relaxed as a corpse. Consciously let go of all effort
      to do anything whatsoever.

      3) Then, for another ten seconds or so, pretend that your mind can
      hold in awareness the still, silent foundation of reality that
      contains the whole of infinity. It is so broad that it may seem
      empty. Let the mind rest in that feeling of emptiness that is not
      really empty, that which is called infinite.

      The mind cannot actually hold infinity, but in a moment of trying to
      do so, it lets go, and you may find you more easily come to rest in
      your sitting posture. Gradually, these few seconds will expand.

      May you find deep relaxation and embrace the infinite. May your
      sitting posture be still, straight and comfortable, perfected.

      In loving service,

      Swami J