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350Guru chakra or Jnana chakra

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Jun 12, 2005
      Excerpted from the 7th of the 7-webpage series on Kundalini Awakening:

      Beyond the first six chakras, between there and the crown chakra,
      many other chakras, levels, or layers of reality are experienced. For
      the aspirant who is willing to do so, the guru chakra is used to
      purify the mind and to bring down spiritual truths. "Gu" means
      darkness and "ru" means light. Guru is the light that dispels the
      darkness of ignorance. Guru is not any person, although guru may
      operate through a person. Guru is actually the higher knowledge
      itself. Guru chakra is the doorway to that knowledge, to the wisdom
      and guidance of the teacher within. The sixth chakra, at the eyebrow
      center, is called ajna chakra, which includes "a" and "jna", which
      means the center without knowledge or with little knowledge ("a" is
      without and "jna" is knowledge). Guru chakra is experienced in the
      forehead, and is also called jnana chakra, or the center with
      knowledge. The knowledge of ajna is lower knowledge, while the
      knowledge of jnana is higher knowledge. The yogi invites all of the
      thoughts and samskaras to arise in the mind field of ajna chakra and
      offers them into the higher knowledge, the triangular shaped fire of
      guru or jnana chakra (Ajna and guru chakras are also called drikuti
      and trikuti respectively). From that process the pathway is cleared,
      and higher wisdom and teachings come down to the ajna. Eventually,
      awareness itself travels upward, receding through and beyond, to That
      which is the final abode, the Absolute, the union of Shiva and Shakti.



      Guru and the Light Within:

      Guru and Divine Grace: