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343New Newsletter - Abhyasa Ashram Activities

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    May 25, 2005
      A new Newsletter has been created on the activities of Abhyasa Ashram
      in Florida USA. Most of the announcements are of a local nature,
      though may be of occassional interest to others, particularly if you
      ever travel to this area. I am sending this annnouncement (the one
      you are now reading) out to all of the Practical Reminders Newsletter
      recipients because the list has gotten so large that I am not able to
      identify which email addresses are local and which are not.

      This newsletter replaces the previous activities newsletter, which
      was discontinued some time ago. Unless you have subscribed to this
      new newsletter in the past month, and have received announcements of
      activities during this time, you are NOT on the new mailing list.

      The easiest way to SUBSCRIBE is to send a blank email to this address:

      If you are not sure whether or not you are subscribed, you can do it
      again because you cannot accidentally receive two newsletters at the
      same email address.

      There is more general information on the two newsletters on the
      SwamiJ.com website at this page:

      There is also a Calendar page on the website:

      Thanks for your interest.

      In loving service,

      Swami J