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328Swami Brahmananda Bharati (Dr. Hanumanth S. Rao)

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Mar 22, 2005
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      The Rao family in Illiois, USA deeply regrets to
      inform you that Dr. Hanumanth S. Rao; more recently
      known as "Swami Brahmananda Bharathi" left his body on
      the 23rd hour and 40th minute of the 20th of March

      Although much of that day, he was in a stuporous state
      of being, his last moment was highlighted with an
      amazing re-gaining of consciousness only to utter the
      words "RAM, RAM" prior to his last breath.

      His immediate family was loving him and was caring for
      him constantly at his side, in adition to catering to
      his every last need since his arrival back to the USA.

      His presence, love, and wisdom will forever be missed
      by us all.

      GOD bless us all,

      The Rao family.

      [Note from Swami J: Swami Brahmananda Bharati is a student of Swami