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306The swami, the student and his friends

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Aug 18, 2004
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      Swami Rama tells this story:

      "There was once a swami who used to teach students every day. One of
      the students listened attentively and heard the swami speaking about
      vairagya, the philosophy of non-attachment, and the student took off
      for a forest dwelling and there, he was enlightened.

      "After dwelling there for twelve years, he wondered what had happened
      and what had been the fate of his friends, with whom he used to
      learn. So he returned to that place, and everyone was still sitting
      there exactly like before, and the swami was still lecturing.

      "What a waste of time!

      "The point is that you don't need much external information; you
      already have true knowledge within. You need to learn how to apply
      the knowledge that you have.

      "You are taught: 'Be good, be nice, be gentle, be loving.' You have
      all been taught that, but you should learn to practice, understand,
      and to apply that knowledge to yourself. You need to understand how
      you function, and the process that results in your actions."

      Swami J