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261Yoga Sutras 1.35-1.39: More methods for stabilizing the mind

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    Mar 4, 2004
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      Yoga Sutras 1.35-1.39: More methods for stabilizing the mind
      (for more information)

      Yoga Sutras 1.34-1.38 describes five more specific means for
      stabilizing and purifying the mind in preparation for the subtler
      aspects of meditation.


      1.35 The inner concentration on the process of sensory experiencing,
      done in a way that leads towards higher, subtle sense perception;
      this also leads to stability and tranquility of the mind.

      1.36 Or concentration on a painless inner state of lucidness and
      luminosity also brings stability and tranquility.

      1.37 Or contemplating on having a mind that is free from desires, the
      mind gets stabilized and tranquil.

      1.38 Or by focusing on the nature of the stream in the dream state or
      the nature of the state of dreamless sleep, the mind becomes
      stabilized and tranquil.

      1.39 Or by contemplating or concentrating on whatever object or
      principle one may like, or towards which one has a predisposition,
      the mind becomes stable and tranquil.