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178Yoga is more than postures and breathing

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara Bharati
    May 27, 2003
      The majority of people view yoga as a
      system of physical culture. Very few
      understand that yoga science is complete
      in itself, and deals systematically
      with body, breath, mind, and spirit.
      When one understands that a human being
      is not only a physical being, but a
      breathing being and a thinking being
      too, then his research does not limit
      itself to the body and breath only.
      For him, gaining control over the mind
      and its modifications, and the feelings
      and emotions, become more important
      than practicing a few postures or
      breathing exercises. Meditation and
      contemplation alone can help the
      aspirant in understanding, controlling,
      and directing the mind.

      Swami Rama
      Path of Fire and Light