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151Shopping, forests, and meditation

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  • Swami Jnaneshvara <swamijb@yahoo.com>
    Dec 30, 2002
      If you enjoy shopping, you might spend many hours going from store to
      store, examining countless products that catch your eye.

      If you enjoy the forest, you might wander the whole day, exploring
      this and that place, the plants, and the animals.

      So, why is meditation so difficult? Why is it called
      "discipline" when you have to force yourself to sit still,
      and close your eyes for a few minutes?

      Do you enjoy meditation? Do you examine and explore within, like you
      do in a shopping mall or a forest? Or do you fight, trying hard to
      avoid all of those inner products, places, and life forces?

      If you enjoy meditation, you need no discipline. It is a joy to go
      within, to learn the fascinating ways that this inner instrument
      operates. The journey within, the call to be an inner shopper, an
      interior explorer or researcher, pulls on you, calling you to that
      time each day when you can be still and go within.

      In the shopping mall, when your feet get tired, you finally sit for a
      rest, and watch the other people. In the forest, after some time, you
      find a quiet place to rest in the beauty of nature. In meditation,
      after all of the exploring of the impressions, letting them come and
      go, you come to rest in the stillness and silence, being a witness to the inner actions.

      May your favorite journey be the one within.

      In loving service,

      Swami J

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