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130Arise, attain, serve

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  • swamijb
    Sep 1, 2002
      We must not create a wall between our worldly and spiritual lives.

      People disorganized in their worldly life search for spiritual wisdom
      in seclusion; whereas, if organized properly, they can have all the
      means and resources that are of utmost importance for spiritual
      enlightenment. The purpose of human life is to make the best use of
      the resources that nature or God has given us.

      There are typically two kinds of people. Some are involved in the
      world and are busy in their self-centered activities. Others renounce
      their families and do not participate in worldly life at all. There
      are very few people who use discrimination, work hard for their self-
      fulfillment, and at the same time, contribute to the welfare of
      society. People belonging to these two categories have an incomplete
      world view, and therefore, strive for their limited goals.

      In our modern age, where the standard of living has been facilitated
      by science and technology, we must learn to make the best use of our
      ample resources. A lifestyle that is suitable for both worldly
      fulfillment and spiritual enlightenment is the best.

      Those who strive to attain personal enlightenment and help others
      light their lamps are the true leaders of the human race. Blessed are
      those who are useful for themselves as well as others. They attain
      the highest goal of life here and now. Right in this mortal world,
      they become immortal and their wisdom guides humanity on the path of

      Today's society is waiting for selfless, spiritually enlightened,
      well-balanced leaders to guide them in how to live happily here and
      hereafter. Such leaders or reformers will not come from outside our
      society. They have to be born, raised, and trained right in our own
      society. We are the ones to become our own guides, our own leaders,
      and we are the ones to enlighten our own lives.

      Get up, my friends, arise: attain knowledge, and dedicate your life
      to the service of your fellow beings.

      Swami Rama
      A Call to Humanity